I have been a CAD/CAM engineer since 2006. My major is making trial products on a 3-axis CNC milling machine. I can create NC programs for 3-axis CNC milling in MasterCam, and I am good at designing in SolidWorks too. My hobby is programming. I can use Visual C++ and Visual C# to create small Windows applications, and I can make small websites by using HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. I created this website on my own using Visual Studio Code.

My website is a search tool for common thread specifications. All of the thread types on this website are ones that I used to work with on the job. I hope all the information shared on this website is helpful. Because of incorrect data entry or misunderstanding, the data may be incorrect. If you find any problem on my site, please contact us, and I will correct it as soon as possible. Together, we make this website more accurate, valuable, and helpful. English is not my first language; forgive me if there is any incorrect typing.

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